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The Final Judgement

Choreography: Marcos Ayala


... and his actions finally took him there.

Now he must give the explanations to those who judge him.

Creating a new paradigm has a cost. Guilty or Innocent?

How to explain what is born from within, that is perceived with the soul ?.

How not to fight for that feeling?




            Inspired by the artistic life of Astor Piazzolla, Marcos Ayala, faces a new choreographic challenge within the language of interpretive Tango.

Astor, currently considered one of the most important composers of the twentieth century and the most important Tango composer in the world, had a long way to go before getting recognition from his peers. It is in this evolution where Ayala repairs to tell his work.

            He shows us from his creativity, the individual trying to get rid of social conditioning and breaking with the molds of his time at the risk of being rejected by his peers. It shows that there is a different language without losing the urban and natural essence of this art

            His aesthetic identity breaks with the current tradition that is languishing in a continuous doing of the same thing all the time. The secret of his dance is discovered and developed as Astor with his compositions, by the bold use in the interpretations of the harmonies, rhythms and tempos, the constructions choreographies are intertwined to provoke what he wants to show; his individuality, his passion and his art.


Astor Tango, the new work by Marcos Ayala, with music by Astor Piazzolla and original songs made for the work. 12 artists on stage.

Work of 84 minutes divided into two acts plus an interval of 15 minutes.